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Domestic Homicide Reviews

I have extensive experience in commissioning, overseeing, and coordinating the response to reviews. I also have experience with other review and audit processes, including those undertaken by Local Safeguarding Children Boards and Safeguarding Adults Boards. I am an Independent Chair for Domestic Homicide Reviews, which I undertake as an Associate of Standing Together. To date, 17 of the Domestic Homicide Reviews that I have chaired have concluded, with all being approved at first submission to the Home Office Quality Assurance Panel. Of these, 16 have been published:

I can work with you to:


  • Develop action plans in response to local review recommendations

  • Evaluate the delivery of local reviews, including progress of action plans

  • Disseminate learning from reviews

  • Prepare for future reviews by evaluating the local review process, identifying common themes and issues or assessing the outcomes achieved.


All my work is in line with national statutory guidance and informed by current research.

I am also a researcher,. and I have published extensively in this area. To read more about my research, follow this link.

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