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My Research

My Economic and Social Research Council-funded doctoral research investigated Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs), a statutory review process that was introduced in England and Wales in 2011. My focus was on how Domestic Homicide Reviews are understood, operate and are used and what that makes possible in terms of knowledge generation. I was awarded my PhD in April 2023 for my thesis titled '‘Illuminating the past to make the future safer?’ Exploring the potential and peril of domestic homicide reviews as a mechanism for change'.


You can find out more about my research, as well as my recent publications, here

You can also hear me talk about my work in an interview with the Research4Practice podcast.

In 2019 I was awarded a Churchill Fellowship. I investigated international approaches to domestic / family violence death reviews. I compared the Domestic Homicide Review process in England and Wales with the approaches to reviews in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. My Fellowship report, titled 'Reviewing domestic homicide - international practice and perspectives' was published in June 2020.

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